True conservatives will be voting Green today

Just like any voter, conservative supporters usually cite a few key issues that sway them to vote for Liberals. Looking at conservative Facebook pages and talking to coalition voters, their priorities when voting are usually one of : good economic management and strong economy, security and safety, sovereignty and personal responsibility.

Unfortunately, even in their short stint in Government, these are all things that Coalition has shown themselves unable to deliver on. But there is a party that does. While the rhetoric may not seem so, conservatives may be surprised to find they have more in common with the Greens on the issues they care about.

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WA Senate: 6 numbers you should know

The numbers that make the WA Senate election in 2014 one of the most important in Australia, and the world.

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The WA Senate Election: of national and global importance

They say every vote makes a difference, that couldn’t be more true of the coming vote on April 5 for the WA senate seats. The fate of the nation and the world may literally hang on 1 person’s vote on Saturday.

What makes this election so important?

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Remembering Tony Abbott’s broken promises

abbott-broken-promisesWith the critical balance of power for the senate being decided in Western Australia on Saturday, Western Australian’s have the unique privilege of making an informed decision based not on the promises, but the actions of the Abbott Government.

In 2010, the Gillard government was forced to broker a deal with the Greens to form government, the deal included breaking an election promise. You could argue that the broken promise was mandated by all the Australian’s that had swung to the Greens. Regardless, as far as the Abbott opposition was concerned, a broken promise is a broken promise, and they launched one of the longest, most aggressive attacks on an Australian government centred on that broken promise.

In 2013, with a clear majority in the House of Representatives, the Abbott government has already broken 25 promises, much to the dismay of many:



Then  there was the night of the long knives: sending a clear message that any public servant who has the audacity to do their duty to the Government to the best of their ability had best watch their backs, and swift closure of institutions needed to provide advice on key issues.

The Abbott Government has wasted no time in showing their true colours to the Australian public.

We will only get a high standard from our politicians if we demand it of them. If you’re voting this weekend, make sure you hold the coalition to the same standard they demanded of the Gillard Government.

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Say Something Nice – YouTube

Improv everywhere (as they often do), have found another simple, but beautiful way to make people’s day.

Say Something Nice – YouTube.

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What if GTA V developers had made something good?

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto V looks amazing, doesn’t it?

I am struck by such detailed and diverse characters and environments. Imagine all the work that’s gone into designing those different characters and environments, and piecing the story together. The artists, the designers, the engineers, the incredible details, the thousands of hours that would have to have been needed to put that together.

As I watch the trailer loop over and over in the train stations in Singapore, there is no denying, there is real talent and creativity that has gone into that game.

But then I am struck by another thought: What if they’d made something good?

YouTube Preview Image

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NSW Government unravels mining and free market arguments

The NSW Government wants to change the law so that the principle consideration of approving mines is the economic significance of the mine.

This is where the dishonesty of mining companies and the claims of free market fans starts to fall apart.

If, as they say, mines are great for communities, mines live in harmony with other land users, and that markets make the right decisions for everyone, then this law change would be completely unnecessary.

If mining is good for society and profitable, the existing law takes care of that.
If mining is bad for society and unprofitable, existing law and the market takes care of that too.

There is only one case that the proposed new law applies to that existing law doesn’t – the case where mining is bad for the community, but makes money for the mining company.

This law only applies in the scenario that miners and the free market fans claim does not exist.

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